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  • What platforms does Publish88® support?

  • Is the Kindle Fire a supported platform?

  • What version of Adobe InDesign© is the Publish88® plug compatible with?

  • Do I need to program the edition with coding?

  • What effects does Publish88® have available to enhance my digital editions?

  • How are these effects implemented?

  • Can I add links to my PDFs using Publish88®?

  • Can I add flash animations?


  • Can I apply Publish88® to a news feed?

  • Is an additional plugin necessary or does Publish88® already include it?

  • Does Publish88® publish in iBooks format?

  • Does the license include publishing on both telephone and tablets?

  • Is there an Adobe InDesign© plugin for Windows?

  • Where can I take a course on Publish88®?

  • Can I have some type of personalized kiosk on my App to publish my magazines in order to sell them?

  • Is there a “backoffice” mechanism available to organize different editions of a publication?

  • Can a Publish88® App connect to a subscriber database?

  • Can I store my digital editions on my servers, or do I have to store them on the Publish88® servers?

  • Can you register me through the Apple Store in order to publish my App?


  • Do I create the edition, or do I send you the material and you take care of everything?

  • What are the Apple/Google Play data & graphic requirements to register an App?

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Espacios Publicitarios

Los códigos ó tags de Google DFP© se colocan en la plataforma de Publish88® mediante nuestro administrador de avisos. Presione aquí para acceder.

Los tipos de espacios publicitarios y sus características son los siguientes: (presione para ver ejemplos)

1. Patrocinio. El aviso aparece sobre el splash de la aplicación. El diseño debe incluir transparencia.
    Medidas: iPad (768x1024 px), iPhone (320x480 & 328x568 px), Android Tablet XL (768x1024 px)

2. Splash. El aviso aparece entre el splash y el rack de ediciones.
    Medidas: iPad (768x1024 px), iPhone (320x480 & 328x568 px), Android Tablet XL (768x1024 px)

3. Intersticial. El aviso aparece sobre la página (inicio de sección) después de permanecer unos segundos sobre de ella.
    Medidas: iPad (500x500 px), iPhone (250x250 px), Android Tablet (500x500 px), Android Smartphone (250x250 px)

4. Base. El aviso aparece en la base de la página (inicio de sección), puede quedarse fijo o bien ocultarse después de cierto tiempo.
    Medidas: iPad (768x126 px), iPhone (320x50 px), Android Tablet XL (720x118 px), Android Tablet L (500x82 px), Android Smartphone (320x50 px)

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Graphics & metadata requirements


Icons & Screens
iPhone 72 dpi, PNG 24 bits, no transparency
iPad 72 dpi, PNG 24 bits, no transparency (example)

App icons
(same image both devices)
57x57, 114x114, 60x60 & 120x120 px - squared 72x72, 144x144, 76x76, 152x152 & 1024x1024 px - squared
Splash screen 320x480, 640x960 & 640x1136 px 768x1024 & 1536x2048 px
Help Screen 320x480, 640x960 & 640x1136 px 768x1024 & 1536x2048 px
Info Screen  
320x480, 640x960 & 640x1136 px 768x1024 & 1536x2048 px
Real Time Banner
320x60 & 640x120 px 1024x50 & 2048x100 px
Rack Headers 320x44, 640x88, 320x60 & 640x120 px 768x108, 1536x216, 768x60, 1536x120, 1024x60 & 2048x120 px
NewsStand Default Cover Art  768x1024 px
5 Edition Screenshots 
(for App Store)
1242x2208 px 2048x2732 px

Download graphics requirements as PDF

Icons & Screens Android 72 dpi, PNG 24 bits

App icons 36x36, 48x48, 72x72, 96x96 & 512x512 px 
Splash screen 480x800 & 800x1280 px
Help Screen 480x800 & 800x1280 px
Info Screen
480x800 & 800x1280 px
Headers 1024x60 px
5 Edition Screenshots 
(for Google Play Store)
640x960 & 768x1024 px
Feature Graphics 
(for Google Play Store)
180x120, 240x100 & 1024x500 px


Metadata Description ( Download & fill the form )

App Name for App Store The name of your app as it will appear on the App Store. Note that this name cannot be longer than 255 characters.
App Name The name of your app as it will appear on the device.
Description A description of the app you are adding, detailing features and functionality. Descriptions cannot be longer than 4000 bytes and should be written in the local language of English and/or Spanish.
Copyright The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to the app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained (for example, "2008 Acme Inc.")
Keywords One or more keywords that describe the app you are adding. Separate multiple keywords with commas. Keywords cannot be longer than 100 characters (comma and space count)
Support URL A URL that provides support for the app you are adding. This will be visible to customers on the App Store
Contact email An email address where you may be contacted. This will be visible to customers on the App Store
Marketing URL (optional) A URL with information about the app you are adding. If provided, this will be visible to customers on the App Store.
Privacy Policy URL (optional) A URL that links to your company's privacy policy. Privacy policy URLs are required for all apps that offer auto-renewable or free subscriptions. Required for NewsStand.
iOS in App Purchases Select the Price Tier for the issue and/or subscription plans ( view the price matrix )
Traffic Statistics Account Provide the Google Analytics(UA), Flurry or Comscore identifiers
Primary App Category The category that best describes your app. Select one from the following list:
  • Book
  • Business
  • Catalogs
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Games
  • Health & Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical
  • Music
  • Navigation
  • News
  • Photo & Video
  • Productivity
  • Reference
  • Social
  • Networking
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Utilities
  • Weather
Secondary App Category (optional) An additional category that further describes the app you are adding. Select one from above list.
NewsStand Category Primary category for your content. Select one from the following list:
  • Brides & Weddings
  • Business & Investing
  • Children's Magazines
  • Computing & Internet
  • Cooking, Food & drink
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • Electronics & Audio
  • Entertaining
  • Fashion & Style
  • Films & Music
  • Health & Well Being
  • History
  • Home & Garden
  • Literary Magazines & Journals
  • Men's Interest
  • News & Politics
  • Outdoors & Nature
  • Parenting & Family
  • Pets
  • Professional & Trade
  • Regional News
  • Sports & Leissure
  • Teens
  • Travel & Regional
  • Women's Interest